Employer Interim Reconciliation

As from 1 September 2013 it is time to submit your Employer Interim Reconciliation for the six month transaction period 1 March to 31 August 2013.

Make sure you can tick the following boxes when preparing and sending your Employer Interim Reconciliation:

Complete an accurate reconciliation submission:

  • Your accurate reconciliation submission must include your Employer Reconciliation Declaration (EMP501), Employee Tax Certificates [IRP5/IT3(a)], and where applicable your Tax Certificate Cancellation Declaration (EMP601).

Make sure that your reconciliation submission balances:

  • The EMP501 must reconcile to your Monthly Employer Declarations (EMP201s) which should have been submitted during the period.
  • The EMP201s must reconcile to payments made for the period.
  • The EMP201 payments must reconcile to your IRP5/IT3(a)s generated.

Use the latest version of e@syFile™ Employer:

Top tip 1: Always back-up your current information on your computer prior to installing a new version of e@syFile™ Employer, as the installation may delete the current information. You must always make your submissions using the latest version of e@syFile™ Employer and any information sent using a previous version won’t be accepted.

Top tip 2: SARS will from time to time enhance the system, to help you easily send your reconciliation submission. Therefore visit our website regularly and stay informed of any changes which may be introduced.

Send your reconciliation submission and beat the deadline of 31 October 2013:

  • Submission can be made electronically either online using e@syFile™ Employer or on a disk at a SARS branch – the disk must contain an encrypted file created by e@syFile™ Employer. Signed hard copies of the EMP501, and EMP601 (if applicable) must be sent together with the disk. Once SARS has captured the information, the disk will be returned to you, to maintain the security of the information you gave us.


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