Debit Pull Transactions Discontinued

Starting 4 September 2013, Debit Pull transactions on eFiling will be phased out and discontinued. This process will take place over a month.

Why is SARS discontinuing the use of a Debit Pull transaction on eFiling?

With debit pull a taxpayer or their approved representative may authorise SARS to collect the money owed directly from their bank on their behalf, which means that SARS is initiating the collection directly from their bank. SARS does so by instructing the bank to collect the amount from the taxpayer’s bank account. There are several problems associated with this:

  • There are risks associated with this product in that payment is not guaranteed and can be reversed at the request of the client and can also be rejected due to insufficient funds
  • SARS is unable to validate that the person authorising SARS to initiate the debit pull is mandated to do so which can result in payments being withdrawn from incorrect accounts. SARS could be placed at risk as a result of such unauthorised actions.

Very importantly it is in the interest of the client to not allow unauthorised withdrawals from their accounts.

It should be noted that the debit pull option is still available for certain payments until the end of September, on condition that the approved representative agrees to the declaration which appears on the screen.


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